Sourcing Electronic Components

Our customers worldwide are involved in time-critical, hi-rel projects where competitive prices are demanded… & quality is all-important.

We are uniquely positioned to meet their challenges & satisfy their requirements due to our:

The electronic component industry is highly fragmented & incredibly fast-moving, with ever shorter product lifecycles.

As such, even as one of the UK’s premier stockists of obsolete & hard to find electronic components, we won’t always carry stock of the item you may need!

That is when our wealth of experience & the relationships that we have built up in the industry will allow us to source the residual stocks that you may need.

All work will be performed with strict adherence to our ISO certified quality procedures click here.

Please note that we are able to source your requirement via:

*Marconi, Racal, Thales, BAE Systems, MBDA, AMS, MRSL, Plessey, GEC-Marconi, Ferranti etc