We buy spare parts or surplus stock of mil-spec electronic components

Recent experience suggests that the defense/aerospace sector is currently undergoing increased reorganisation & rationalisation…which means that there will be surplus material becoming available.

At Ellison, we make a priority of purchasing material!

If you have ANY stock of mil-spec electronic components, please contact us, regardless of:


We buy any quantity literally from a box to pallet, container or warehouse clearance.


This is not a problem. We have bought from all over the UK and as far afield as Middle East.

Is it worth our time & effort to sell?

You & your organisation may be surprised at what returns you will be able to achieve on your surplus. And we will arrange everything including:

  • Shipping & logistics
  • Listing, cataloguing & inspection of material
  • Researching what projects your material was used in & what other equipment it may have cross-populated into
  • Marketing of product to our existing customer-base of contractors maintaining that equipment around the world
  • Arranging for payments.

All we need is the initial contact from you to get us started!

What if we need the material back again in the future?

Your product will have been listed, catalogued, inspected – and be in stock ready to buy back (at a favourable price).All under our ISO certified quality procedures!

Dealing with surplus isn’t a priority in my working day

Not a problem! After the initial contact, we have the experience manpower & logistics in place to deal with all aspects of this ourselves.

We need confidentiality regarding our surplus

Non-disclosure agreements can be organised for you.

Deadline too close

We are used to dealing with deadlines and will not let you down.

Material not listed

We can give you bids on product “as seen” – no need for you to commit time / resources for the product to be listed.

We need the space cleared altogether

There will be no cherry-picking of components!

Already have a bid from a precious metal dealer

Based on current precious metal prices, dealers ARE able to give good prices on surplus at the moment. But in most cases, our experience, contacts & customer-base allows us to provide bids which will far outweigh its scrap value.

Some material needs to be destroyed

We have approved sources with the licenses in place to provide secure destruction.


For an idea of the  spare parts or products we will buy, please check our parts category listing, but here is a selection of what we buy:

  • Actives – semi’s, IC’s etc
  • Magnetrons
  • Passives – caps, resistors etc
  • Valves
  • Interconnects – connectors etc
  • Radar Spares
  • RF / Microwave devices
  • Avionics Spares

Purchase can be made either by:

Outright Purchase
A sum is agreed & payment is made for outright purchase.

We will store the product in-house, market &sell your product for an agreed percentage.

“Sliding Scale”

You would receive an upfront sum PLUS a percentage of whatever sales are achieved.

Marketing your list

We market your list to targeted customers & buy off you on a line-by-line basis.


To send us an enquiry or ask for further information, either: